Your personal creative director, photo artist, comedian, child tamer, and home photo art designer

I'm tara

Hey there!

I am wife to a video game-loving software engineer and progressive fantasy novelist, mom to a 10-year-old future NASA scientist and taekwondo master. I am a morning-challenged former ballerina with the sweetest of sweet tooths (sweet teeth?), a frequent wearer of sweatpants and graphic t-shirts, a TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshall’s shopping addict, an iced tea drinker, and a lover of sweater weather, warm fuzzy socks and blankets, cute fluffy animals, and snuggles from my kiddo.

I specialize in personalized portrait sessions, customizing each session to the client's vision for their portraits and photographing with their finished product(s) in mind. Although I first started my photography career in 2004 as a wedding photographer, my love of creative portraiture blossomed after the birth of my daughter in 2013. My absolute favorite sessions are with growing families (families with young kids) because I LOVE “perfectly imperfect” family portraits…portraits that go beyond traditional posed photos and preserve moments of playfulness, joy, love, silliness, laughter, and togetherness.

a glimpse behind the camera

a glimpse behind the camera

wife + mom + photographer + ballerina
+ tea drinker + fluffy sock lover
+ 100% not a morning person

wife + mom + photographer + ballerina + tea drinker + fluffy sock lover
+ 100% not a morning person

A little bit about me...

favorite food

I am a lover of sweets: fine chocolates, donuts, cupcakes, cheesecake, ice cream

favorite place

I have lots of favorite places, but probably my all-time favorite is England. I studied abroad there in college and just loved it.

Fun fact

I was once an extra in a movie that starred Neil Patrick Harris, and I got to eat dinner with him and the lead actress in the movie one evening on set. 

ODd quirk

Ever since I was a kid, if I eat a sandwich that has any meat or toppings hanging outside of the bread, I have to pull it off.


I'm a homebody, so I enjoy watching TV shows and movies with my family, snuggling with my cat Mochi, and brunching with my gal pals.


I love to bargain and in stores. I enjoy the high of finding a gem for a great price!

My core values

During portrait sessions, I always try to incorporate a balance of posed and unposed shots. My favorites are the perfectly imperfect photos that capture authentic, unplanned moments. I always  strive to make sessions as fun and stress-free as possible.



When you book a session with me, I don't just shoot your photos and then send you the files and bid you adieu. I prefer to collaborate with my clients to make their session a truly personalized experience, starting with a planning meeting to learn the client's plans for their photos so that I can tailor their session with their finished product(s) in mind. After the session, I act as a guide and sounding board to help the client choose the best products and photos for their needs/wants.



My clients hire me for my creative eye and ability to tailor their session toward their vision for their portraits. I pride myself in being able to see potential even in seemingly dull or uninteresting environments or backgrounds. And when my littlest clients are struggling to make it through their session, I change up my approach as many times as needed to get the photos I know my clients will love. 

embrace creativity